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Engineering Division

Execution Task Teams

This division has a core team of multi-disciplinary execution task team. We offer our clients a service whereby our team execute the installations, maintenance or even shutdowns for the petrochemical, refinery, offshore production facilities and power plants. The disciplines in our team are mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, boiler makers, costing and project management.

Labour Logistics Management

We are specialist in recruiting, screening, conduction medical checks and trade competency screening for any engineering and fabrication project. We are already set up with competent individuals in our database for work in Secunda, Sasolburg, Mossel Bay, Durban and Saldanha.

Payroll Services

We also offer efficient payroll services for personnel up to 5000 people. We can even finance your payroll to balance your cash flow needs.

Fabrication Services

We share workshops facilities and are able to fabricate according to specifications and erect structural steel, plate work, piping and pressure vessels.

Projects that have been successfully completed:

  • Petro SA 2006 onshore and offshore
  • Bluewater FPSO upgrade 2002/3
  • Engen refinery (50m)
  • Saldanha steel (12m)
  • Sapref (Flour) (6m)
  • Madupi Power Station 2011 -Present
  • Sasol Wax Plant 2011-Present

Consulting Division

Strategy Development

We offer facilitation of the strategy development process.

Our competencies include:

  • Development from the vision and mission to divisional objectives.
  • Reviewing existing strategy due to changes in environment.
  • Team building, alignment and performance management system.
  • Developing transformation strategy that aligns with BBBES imperatives.

Oil and Gas Optimisation Studies

Our Competencies include:

  • Conducting indusrty wide supply demand and pricing studies.
  • Documenting a detailed process mapping to facilitate skills transfer and business continuity.
  • Investigation opportunities for further margin capture.
  • LP skills training and mentoring.

Asset Management

This includes:

  • Risk management and prioritization of maintenance work.
  • Generating asset policies for pro-active maintenance.
  • Shutdown and turnaround planning and audits readiness.
  • Investigations for reducing maintenance costs whilst managing the risk.

Executive Placement

We are well networked in the oil, gas and energy sector. We are able to head-hunt on behalf of our clients and find the scarce executive skills required for meeting the employment equity targets. We Screen and provide our clients with high calibre candidates for interviews.

Stakeholder Management

We are experts in helping you as our client to pro-actively manage your stakeholders.

Financial Division

We in joint venture with our strategic partners are able to fund projects in the Oil and Gas, Energy and Mining Sectors both in RSA and Africa at large. The funding can be small as for executing a tender and payroll requirements to infrastructure requirements such as refinery.

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